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What We're Spacing Out to in August 2019

Check out our staff picks, tips and obsessions in this month’s edition of “What We’re Spacing Out to.”

Ryan Geiger.png

Ryan Geiger


"Beware Romulans bearing gifts." We're a heavy Sci-fi/Fantasy house when it comes to entertainment. Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR/Hobbit, and thanks to a bundle deal, we now own all ten Star Trek movies from TOS and TNG... it's a nerd thing, you wouldn't understand!


Angie Pascale


For brands, influencer marketing is all the rage. But for marketers, it creates all the rage! That’s because it can be extremely complex, disorganized and labor intensive. Grin solves all that. Grin is an incredible tool that lets us manage discount codes, product ordering, commissions, content, tracking and expectations from a single platform. Now I save that rage for where it belongs—Coloradans driving in the rain.

Zoe Cullie.png

Zoe Cullie

Project Management + Content

We bought a big ol' fire pit this summer for our backyard and have been enjoying evenings under the stars, fire roaring. But then, I found these Mystical Fire Packets on Amazon and holy smokes, guys. If you have a fire pit or place, these are a giddy spectacle of color. I mean, who doesn't want purple fire?

Lindsay Lynch.png

Lindsay Lynch

Paid Media

I'm spacing out to the book Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. A scientific take on the human ability to imagine the future. Really interesting read!

Cameron Cash

Social Media + Content

I've really been enjoying season 3 of She-Ra on Netflix. The reboot of this series is genius and deeply inclusive of the LGBT community. Highly recommended for adults and kids alike! 🙂

Aron Jeney.png

Aron Jeney

Design + Development

I'm currently spacing out to our aquatic plant life! We are so lucky to have a beautiful koi pond in our backyard and we've recently been adding some really great aquatic plants. I can spend hours out there! 🙂

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