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Using Shopify Channels to Bolster Your Brand and Increase Revenue

The task of selling products across multiple channels used to be very complex and difficult; Shopify changed that. Having a platform that allows you to sell your products in multiple channels at once has opened so many doors for businesses.

Sampling of Shopify Sales Channels available to all merchants. Source:

Sampling of Shopify Sales Channels available to all merchants. Source:

Each channel has its own specific benefits that may fit into your marketing plan. Following are the top ways to sell with Shopify outside of your ecommerce website.

Shopify Social Media Sales Channels

Selling on these channels targets specific audiences and demographics and can be an easy way to trigger impulse buying. Shopify’s social media channels include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Kik and Pinterest. Selling your products across these channels allows you to digitally market to consumers who already have interests in what you are selling and is a great way to increase brand recognition.

Shopify Shopping Sales Channels

Utilizing these channels are great because you have a captive audience that is already looking to shop. These include Shopify POS, Ebay, Amazon, Houzz, Google Shopping and more. A large portion of sales comes from these channels and they offer a great way to expand the potential of your brand and increase revenue.

Shopify Search Sales Channels

These channels give consumers the possibility to search for items that interest them and give them the chance to buy directly. These include Lyst and SiBi. Consumers using these platforms are passionate about the products they buy and the search feature engages them. These channels are huge for new brand launches as the search feature is great for brand recognition and achieving household penetration.

Shopify is a huge resource for growing your business for numerous sources, not only your ecommerce website, and can impact the organic visibility of your website. These sales channels give you the possibility to get your products out there, in more places, all at once. Your products will be picked up more by search engine crawlers, helping to own more of the organic search landscape and improving ranking. This increase in brand recognition, household penetration and site traffic translates to an increase in sales and revenue. Ultimately what you will see with Shopify is an amazing resource with a great ROI.

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