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3 Key Ecommerce Trends We’re Seeing This Year

Ecommerce is a constantly changing world, from social shopping to the renaissance of the mobile device movement. Nearly a quarter into 2018, we’re already seeing some key approaches and trends impacting how consumers make purchases online, and how they interact with online retail businesses.

Understanding these trends and changes in ecommerce are vital to businesses maximizing their online sales, which will help them keep their businesses going and growing.

Following are three key ecommerce trends shaking out in 2018 so far, and ideas on how your business can adjust ecommerce strategies to meet these ever-changing trends:

Email Reigns as Top Source of Revenue

Many companies such as Rebel are already driving this industry change as they use email as a way to make sales pitches to their customers. Collected data still shows that the best way to drive potential customers to your website is through their inboxes. Moreover, data also shows that sales which originate from emails are three times greater than all forms of social media combined.

Continued Focus on Customer Engagement

In the fast-paced world of technology, people have near infinite different things competing for their attention. This means that to get customers to continually engage with your business, you will have to continually engage with them. Utilizing marketing automation through email series and retargeting campaigns on paid and social media channels helps to stay top of mind with customers, and makes the process more efficient for your business.

Further Shift to Personalized Shopping Experiences

More and more companies are finding ways to personalize their customers’ online shopping experiences. From allowing customers to make a "Wish List" of desired items and remembering previous searches to "Recommending" similar items and offering deals on frequent purchases, more and more businesses are making ecommerce a personalized experienced for the user.

Today's generation wants to feel that the company understands them, their lifestyle, and their needs. The more successful your company is with doing that the more sales you are likely to drive from customers who relate to what you sell and fell that you truly understand them.

These are just a few of the various ecommerce trends that have become more prevalent throughout 2018 so far. Adjusting your business's ecommerce strategy to follow these trends will help drive more traffic to your ecommerce site, and ultimately more revenue to your business.

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