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8 Tips for Selling on Amazon

If your business is trying to make sales through Amazon, then you already know how competitive the market is. If you've been looking for some simple things you can do to stake your claim, and increase your share of the digital marketplace, here are eight things you can do to be more efficient and drive more sales.

1. Get More Reviews

Reviews sway purchasing behavior a lot more than we tend to think, and the more reviews you have the more visible your products become. So when someone makes a purchase from you, follow-up with them and ask for a review. The more feedback you have on your products, the more sales you'll get.

2. Put All The Keywords in Your Title

Amazon ranks products based on keywords, and the more information you provide, the more people will find what you're selling. So be sure you include brand name, model number, color, year, and all the other details so people searching for what you have are guaranteed to find it.

3. Answer Customer Communications Fast

When you see an email from a customer, and your first urge may be to put it off till tomorrow. Don't succumb to that urge. According to Skip McGrath, long-time online merchant, Amazon tracks when you take more than 24 hours to answer a communication from a customer, and it penalizes you for it.

4. Take Professional-Grade Photos

The first thing someone is going to see, possibly even before they see the product name, is the picture of your merchandise. So make sure that what they see is going to appeal, because that photo is all they have to judge your quality on. Follow all the product photography tips on Amazon that you do for your online store.

5. Offer Discounts

Things move fast in the online world, but a universal truth is that if your customers think they're getting a deal they'll be hard-pressed not to buy. So make sure you have a discount in place to snag any potential buyers who are on the fence.

6. Create Engaging (Accurate) Product Descriptions

In this case it's both what you say and how you say it. Make sure your descriptions really pop when someone is reading them, but ensure that all information you give is accurate. If anything you say isn't true when the product is delivered, your customers will notice, and provide negative feedback that can have major ripples.

7. Don't Trust The UPC

When you enter a UPC code into Amazon, always double-check the result it gives you. Because any discrepancy is going to be on you, even if it was the automated search that gave you an incorrect match. It's worth checking twice before making the listing official.

8. Leverage Ecommerce Integrations

Shopify, BigCommerce and other major ecommerce platforms offer integrations and inventory management solutions for Amazon. With these platforms, you can easily and efficiently sync your product inventory to Amazon, and centralize processing and fulfillment from a single interface. When you use an ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce, there’s no need to manage multiple sales channels separately--Amazon and other online marketplaces and sales sources are all organized from one central spot.

These are just a few things you need to do if you're going to sell successfully on Amazon. For more ecommerce tips and tricks, simply contact us today!