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What We're Spacing Out to January 2019

We'll come right out and admit it -- we space out. A lot. Sometimes it's about the latest trends in digital design. Sometimes it's while trying to uncover the true source of Direct traffic. And sometimes it's because we can't stop listening to a song on repeat for days on end.

Whatever we're spacing out to, we want to share it! Maybe you'll learn something new, maybe you'll find something to improve productivity, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find a new obsession.

Here's what our team members are spacing out to this January 2019.

Ryan Geiger.png

Ryan Geiger


There is an island in the North Atlantic where people have been looking for an incredible treasure for more than 200 years. To date, six men have died trying to solve the mystery. And according to legend, one more has to die before the treasure can be found! History Channel, Tuesday nights at 9/8c...see for yourself on Oak Island!


Angie Pascale


If you like to steer off the beaten path when traveling, make sure you search Atlas Obscura before your next trip. The website lists totally obscure, sometimes macabre, generally weird sites around the world. Some of my favorite discoveries: La Specola, 17th century collection of wax anatomical figures in Florence; Old Operating Theatre Museum in London; and Smith Mansion, a Frankenstein-ed log home near Cody, WY.

Zoe Cullie.png

Zoe Cullie

Project Management + Content

Not all who wander are lost, and after many, many years of procrastination I can add myself to that poetic group. This month, I'm finally reading Tolkein's The Hobbit and the The Lord of the Rings. Spoiler alert: Frodo is more 'stout' in the books than the films!

Lindsay Lynch.png

Lindsay Lynch

Paid Media

I'm currently spacing out to a book by Jedidiah Jenkins titled To Shake the Sleeping Self. It's a true story/adventure novel that follows Jedidiah's 14,000 mile bicycle journey from Oregon to Patagonia. Lots of awesome life lessons in here...Pair it with the instrumental album "Juno" by Lyle Brewer and you've got yourself a lovely & calming night in.

Cameron Cash

Social Media + Content

One of my favorite Instagram profiles to gain inspiration for design and life in general: @risingwoman. It's an incredible page full of witchy inspiration, stunning photography and uplifting quotes targeted at women but helpful for all of us.

Aron Jeney.png

Aron Jeney

Design + Development

I'm spacing out to my daughter! Watching her develop every day, every minute; laughing at fart sounds and goofy faces with her and yes, even changing her diapers and all the other fun stuff that comes with parenthood! I’m excited to see her wake up from her lil nap, always just so happy to see her mommy and daddy.

Anne Baum

Paid Media

Currently obsessed with the book Traction by Gino Wickman. A guide for leaders of entrepreneurial organizations on how to gain control of their business through the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

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