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Why Video Is Important at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Video is no longer seated at the top of the funnel. Sure, it’s a fantastic medium for increasing awareness by entertaining and sharing stories with your target audience. But it’s also extremely useful when customers are validating your brand or products, finalizing their purchase decision and coming back for repeat purchases or to help spread the word about you. Video plays an important role at every stage of the ecommerce customer journey, and here’s some proof:

Interest Phase

In the past 30 days, videos have appeared in 7.1%, according to MozCast. Google favors sites with video content. And YouTube is the second largest search engine

Videos have always been useful for increasing reach and driving awareness, and that hasn’t changed. If you’re looking to improve visibility across all digital channels, video is where it’s at.

Dollar Shave Club and Kmart “Ship My Pants” videos are some of the more well-known (read: successful) videos that have helped to increase awareness. But one of my favorites, that was extremely successful as well, is’s “Girls Don’t Poop.” Enjoy.

Research Phase

71% of consumer consider product videos to be the best option for explaining product features. Source.

We all know the saying about the value of pictures, so I don’t need to repeat it. Let’s just say pictures, especially moving ones, are damn efficient at conveying information. When that information is details about how to use your product or what makes it different, that’s when you and your customers win!

I can’t get enough of Poler Stuff’s product videos! They showcase various features, benefits and related accessories in the most perfectly weird and cheesy way!

Validation Phase

58% of consumers consider companies that create videos to be more trustworthy. Source.

With near limitless choices out there for customers, building credibility and trust for your brand is essential. With all else being equal, trustworthiness can be the one thing that turns a browser into a customer.

Zappos built trust (and subsequently sales, up 6-30% according to Econsultancy) with their thousands of product videos.

Decision Phase

73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that explains the products or service. Source. 

We’re all in the business of growing our business. Silly or touching brand videoes are nice (and serve a real purpose for some brands), but if sales don’t increase, it’s not worth it. What is worthwhile? Product videos that showcase features and benefits.

The Home Depot shows videos on numerous products, highlighting product features and benefits, and providing instructions on measuring for, installing or using the product. Some videos are from the manufacturers and some are original pieces created by The Home Depot.

Retention/Advocacy Phase

93% of consumers consider video helpful for instructions post-purchase.

There’s no clocking out in ecommerce. Once an order is placed, it time to ensure customer satisfaction, provide support and encourage continued engagement. Video is an efficient way to do all of these things.

Take Ikea’s instructional videos for assembling products, which they post on their site, YouTube and use when responding to customers on social media channels.