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Interstellar Partners with TEDxRiNo for First Event

Ideas Worth Spreading, Community Worth Growing. 

TED conferences and TEDx local gatherings are inspirational and motivational events like no other. Watching the videos or listening to podcasts are exceptional on their own, but the live events have an energy that’s stimulating and infectious in a way that’s rarely matched. It’s this enlivening spirit that made us so psyched when we heard they would be hosting an event in our little RiNo ‘hood, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to become more involved.

The first-ever TEDxRiNo is taking place on Monday, April 13 at Infinite Monkey Theorem, just a few blocks from the Interstellar and Indaba offices. If you’re lucky, you’ll see these talks live at Infinite Monkey Theorem, but that’s unlikely if you’re just learning about it now--the live event sold out in just one day! There’s also a viewing party at Summit Church (tickets are going fast for this too, so get yours now!), or you can stream the talks live online at the time of the event.

The theme of the evening is “reIMAGINE” and we think it’s extremely fitting for the RiNo neighborhood, which is rapidly transforming from a few vacant parking lots and abandoned warehouses into a thriving and prolific community of creative companies, shops, restaurants and breweries. And it’s perfect for Interstellar as well--our goal is to reimagine digital marketing for brands by tying the consumer’s emotional journey to data intelligence to create more engaging, innovative and successful experiences.

Six local thought-leaders will be giving talks at TEDxRiNo, covering topics such as modern placemaking and innovative food sources for improved nutrition and environmental protection. 

We’re so thrilled to be involved with this first-ever TEDx event! Hope to see you there, spreading ideas and building our community together! 

Main photo source: TEDxRiNo Instagram