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Moz Launches New Content Analytics Tool

We've all been such good little marketing girls and boys this year, Moz gave us a shiny new toy for the holidays--Moz Content, a content analysis and competitive research platform! The new suite of tools allows content and inbound marketing professionals better understand the performance of their content to draw out insights and make optimization decisions. 

Let's take a look at some the tools and features included in Moz Content:

Content Audit

By simply entering any URL, The Content Audit tool crawls, inventories and analyzes all content on that site. It then shows social sharing and links for each piece of content, and allows you to group, analyze and compare by site section, content type and author.

You can also save your Content Audit (called a Tracked Audit), and Moz will recrawl the site every week and show trending data.

Content Search

While Content Audit provides metrics and analysis of existing content, Content Search allows you to find relevant and compelling topics for creating original content or sharing to your social networks. Pulling for hundreds of thousands of English-language sites, Content Search shows collects of content on a given topic along with links, reach and share numbers. 

You get one free Content Audit per month and ten free Content Searchers per day. For more Audits, Tracked Audits or saved Content Searches, you must sign up for a subscription. Currently they only offer one plan at $59/month. Higher tiers with more features and functionality are "coming soon" according to their blog announcement

We're always excited to test a new analytics tool, and hope that it will become one of our go-tos when organizing and evaluating content and inbound marketing efforts. 

What do you think? Have you played around with Moz Content yet? Share your experiences and thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.