Interstellar Digital Marketing

Making the Most of Micro-Moment Marketing

Consumer behavior is continually evolving. And while the length and breadth of consumer journeys are expanding, their attention spans are shrinking. Any one stage of a consumer's journey could be made of, what Google is calling, "micro-moments"--the numerous times that people pick up their phones to find a nearby restaurant, look up an actor's name, research a product or find any type of information.

Micro-moments are brief yet incessant (we check our phones 150 times each day!). For brands to reach customers during these frequent and fleeting instances, they need to evolve their marketing approach. Following are four things brands must do to reach customers during these micro-moments.

Make It Personal + Relevant

Catching a consumer's attention is about a lot more than bright colors and bold messages. You must offer them something uniquely valuable and relevant to their moment of intent. When you understand who your customers are, what they're interested in and need from your brand, you can make your messaging and offer more personalized and relevant to them.

Don't Silo Your Channels

Creating a mobile-first strategy is essential in catching consumers in these micro-moments. However, you can't stop there. To ensure you remain top of mind during interest and research phases, and have a seat at the table during validation and decision, you need to create a seamless experience across every device, channel, environment and message. 

Embrace Your Local Connections

Oftentimes consumers are out and about when these micro-moments occur. They're looking up an address in the car, killing time in line at the grocery store, comparing prices at the mall, or looking up an unfamiliar ingredient at the restaurant. Use geo-targeting, local search and localized messaging and offers to connect your digital presence to the physical world, and reach users in their local moment.

Get Comfortable With Change

Micro-moments are one the newest customer behaviors, but as new technologies and channels emerge, we'll continue to see this behavior change and evolve. Brands need to be nimble and adaptive to continue reaching these consumers, improving engagement and driving retention.