Interstellar Digital Marketing

Welcoming BackJoy to the Interstellar Universe

When you’re able to share the vision of those you’re partnering with it’s a galvanizing experience. To be a contributing member of their team feels right, not to mention energizing. That’s why Interstellar is excited to announce our recent partnership with the team at BackJoy! Their team and their products are driven to enable happiness through wellness.

BackJoy was born In 1984 after Preston Willingham and his father Jim set out on a road trip. What began as a time of bonding for the father and son unexpectedly led to Jim experiencing severe back pain brought on by long hours on the road ultimately causing him to spend much of the trip lying on his back in the back seat of their car.  Seeing his father in debilitating pain inspired Preston to develop a solution.

As he set out to help his father Preston quickly became aware of just how many people were suffering in a similar way. As the #2 reason for doctor visits in the United States, back pain was limiting the joy in many people’s lives. Eighty percent of Americans will experience serious back pain in their lifetime causing them to give up activities they love such as sports, playing with their children and even intimacy with their spouse. Preston took that to heart and today BackJoy is on a mission to help people around the world relieve, align and improve their back pain and posture to improve overall well being, health and happiness.

Recognizing the need to expand the reach of their brand and scale their digital presence BackJoy sought out a partnership with Interstellar to help rebuild their ecommerce site on the Shopify Plus platform. Since then our relationship with BackJoy has expanded to include digital strategy and search marketing.

“Aligning with a brand whose mission is to help people be healthier in itself is exciting, but the fact that BackJoy is also a Colorado based company makes this partnership that much more meaningful to us.” says Ryan Geiger, Partner at Interstellar. “Both Denver and Boulder are seeing a lot of new businesses popping up and one common thread across the Colorado business community is that we love to help one another solve real business challenges and bring about positive change.”

The migration to Shopify Plus is an important one for BackJoy. Their current platform limits the amount of control they have over their site’s content which impacts their ability to test and optimize different merchandising strategies. Moving to Shopify Plus will empower their team to show customers the right products with the right message leading to better engagement. Shopify Plus also insulates them from downtime during spikes in traffic such as features on the Today Show, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Using Shopify Plus, the Interstellar team will have the ability to test and measure the effectiveness of different digital strategies aimed at optimizing on-site conversion rates and increasing customer average order values.

“Interstellar has a deep knowledge of the digital landscape beyond just our website which is really important to us. Their knowledge of how our communications strategy needs to interface with technology and channel marketing tools has already proven to be an asset,” says Mike DeBell, Global President, BackJoy.

As our team continues to get to know the people and the products that drive BackJoy we continue to be excited at the opportunity to partner with a great Colorado brand who sees the value in leveraging Shopify Plus to stay on trend and accelerate growth.