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How to Use YouTube's FameBit for Influencer Marketing

Every day more and more people are posting videos, pictures, sharing tweets and writing posts in some form of social media. YouTube, for example, has hundreds of channels that have a massive following. Over time companies have begun to realize that the creators have a huge impact on their followers/subscribers.

Thus, Famebit was created.

Famebit creates an environment for creators and brands. On one platform creators are able to choose from a number of different brands. The platform is free to use, with no contracts, and influencers don't have to give up any of their rights. Influencers and brands are able to ensure that the hiring process goes smoothly. 

Some brands turn to Famebit to help get their products noticed more. They use this platform to look for their next "brand ambassador." Prior to hiring an influencer, the brands are able to set their own budget that works for them with campaigns starting at $100. Before the brands decide which influencer they wish to hire, they will be able to review the proposals from the creator and view their profiles and audience demographic. Doing this helps brands to pick the influencer that is best for their brand. They are able to do all of this for free. 

In September 2018 Famebit was released on Android. So even when you are not at your computer, you will still be able to check updates on what is going on with your brand and how your influencer is doing with getting your product noticed.

Why choose influencer marketing?

With 92% of consumers trusting the recommendations from people they know and 70% of the people trusting the experiences of their peers, the effectiveness of influencer marketing is not surprising. Using these types of approach to marketing helps to drive awareness to your brand, cultivates an audience, and bolsters owned media time. 

Effectively using the voices of those on social media will give your brand a new way to reach people in ways that actually matter to them. People watch hundreds of videos on YouTube every day. With influencer marketing, you will be able to put your brand in there so that when someone is watching a video from someone they trust, they will also see your brand. If the person they enjoy watching is using this brand, it must be good. 

With more and more people spending so much time on some form of social media, influencer marketing gives your brand a higher chance of being noticed. Nowadays people are watching fewer commercials on TV. There are DVR's and channels that don't even have commercials anymore. Brands are losing traction with their advertising in that platform. That is why more brands are starting to turn to influencer marketing. 

How does Famebit work?

Getting started on Famebit is easy and keeping up with the influencer's promoting your brand is easy as well. 

To get started, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Create your Campaign: You need to select which platform you want your brand to be on, and what types of contact you wish it to be used. Such as product reviews, tutorials, tweets, or photos. Then set your video budget with endorsements starting at $100.

  2. Receive Proposals: Once you have your brand out there, you will start to receive proposals from creators. They will describe the type of endorsement they wish to create for your brand and on which platform along with their fee.

  3. Select Creators: Every proposal you receive will include content examples. You will also be able to see the audience demographics on their following. This will ensure that you have the info needed to hire the right creator for your brand.

  4. Receive Content: After you have approved the content from a creator they will publish and share your brand with their followers, driving views, and engagement and ROI.

Here is the bottom line.

With so many people spending more of their time online whether they are on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., they are watching less traditional TV. Before all a brand had to do was create a commercial for a product they want to get out there to the public, and that was all that was needed.

This is the age of social media and social proof. Brands are having to find new ways to get their products noticed by consumers. By joining Famebit and connecting with influencers that already have a massive following, they are getting their products noticed once again. 

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