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4 Last-Minute Holiday Tips for Social Media

With just nine days left before Black Friday, there’s not a whole heck of a lot you can do to your website that you haven’t already done. You’re likely under a code freeze until after the holidays, or at least (smartly) reticent to make any major changes. But there are still some things you can do on social media for an added boost to traffic and sales, things that don’t require any changes to your website. Think of it as your holiday gift, web developers!

Following are four simple-to-implement and quick-to-launch social media initiatives:

1. Social-Only Discounts

Reward your social media fans by offering discounts or promotions exclusively to them.

2. Unique Gift Guides

Create Gift Guides for specific audiences, price points or other unique categories.

Use targeting parameters, hashtags and SEO to increase visibility and reach your target audiences.

3. Holiday-Themed UGC Campaigns

Generate engagement and content by asking your customers to submit a photo or share a story. Use a tool like Woobox to quickly create, launch and manage the campaign on your social media channels. You can even use photos again for other marketing efforts.

Holiday UGC Campaign.png

4. Charitable Tie-Ins

 Spread goodwill by donating a percentage of sales or amount per order to a relevant charity.

Charitable Tie In.png

You still have over a week to spin up some social media campaigns to drive more traffic and sales. Get started now to get the most out of this peak shopping season.